Information Services

A business-focused digital transformation agency, GANLAXMINE’S delivers superior experiences through digital business transformation. We believe in innovation through experimentation. Information Services providers consist of a blend of data, analytics, software, services and tech that deliver information and next-gen analytics to professional and business customers across various industries. Our priorities reflect the challenges and opportunities arising from intelligent and data-driven technologies born from convergence of content, technology, software and devices that have been born out of the convergence of content creation with technology platforms & devices.
Information Services is a new class of industry, dedicated to delivering information and analytics on behalf of companies that would like access to in-house, professional professionals and businesses. These companies leverage technology and data to provide better, more convenient services for their customers. Information Services providers can be found in most industries including healthcare, insurance and banking.
Information technologies are changing the way we do business and how people live. Our priorities are rooted in this reality, and reflect how we can best enable others to make informed decisions as more intelligent, data-driven technologies continue to evolve. GANLAXMINE’S delivers superior experiences through digital business transformation. Innovation is our ethos and we’re always looking for new approaches to problem-solving.

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