GANLAXMINE’s insurance practice is uniquely built for technology innovation, business transformation and rebuilding. We’ve gathered insurance industry thought leaders, business consultants and senior technologists from leading insurance firms, consultancies and solutions providers around the world to create a shared global approach to helping clients build long-term sustainable growth by leveraging technology solutions.

GANLAXMINE is an insurance practice that’s focused on technology innovation and business transformation. We’ve gathered industry thought leaders, business consultants, and senior technologists from industry-leading insurance firms to create a team whose DNA for disruption is second to none.
GANLAXMINE is an insurance company that connects the best technology to businesses. We’re a top-notch insurance brokerage, but we also provide specialized business consulting and technology solutions. We bring together industry experts from all around the world – from tech firms, consultancies and solutions providers – to help companies navigate the complex world of business transformation.

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